Peachy Keen

Today I felt like a pirate in the best way possible. Peach Wall-0775 Peach Wall-0773 Peach Wall-0767

I love these earrings! Too bad I lost one, but lucky for me, I hear the lone earring is a thing again.Peach Wall-0766 Peach Wall-0763 Peach Wall-0756 Peach Wall-0753 Peach Wall-0751 Peach Wall-0747 Peach Wall-0743

Ok, how good is this peach, 70’s wall? Definitely going to shoot here more often! Peach Wall-0740 Peach Wall-0731 Peach Wall-0730 Peach Wall-0729Peach Wall-0725 Peach Wall-0723 Peach Wall-0721 Peach Wall-0717This whole look (excluding my beloved clogs) comes courtesy of Urbanity! Love a good deal, shopping green, and a fun atmosphere? Come on in and see what new goodies we have in store!

<3 PJA


Free Falling

It’s been officially one month of my 28th year and one month since my lover and I jumped out of a plane together! Such an incredible experience I will never forget.


A special thank you to my main squeeze for giving me such an amazing gift and to the awesome professionals over at Skydive Surfcity!

<3 PJA