Shop it to Me: Adela Mei

I’ve been getting pretty fed up with shopping for myself lately.

Me? Tired of shopping? Can you imagine??

It’s true. It seems there’s nothing made with the short girl in mind: most midi dresses look like tents on my 5 foot flat frame and don’t even get me started on jeans.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this delightful gem and I am never looking back. Adela Mei is an online boutique based right here in SF that curates a selection for garments specifically for (drum roll please)…petit gals! Finally! I’m obsessed with their dark and brooding look book for fall shot on the outskirts of the City.

Fall_Lookbook7 Fall_Lookbook6 Fall_Lookbook4 Fall_Lookbook3


Images courtesy of Adela Mei.

I’ve got my eye on that white collared crop top and that amazing pleated skirt!

<3, PJA

Indian Summer

It really warmed up Sunday, so it only seemed appropriate to show some skin.

PJA Indian Summer 1 PJA Indian Summer 2

For those of you short girls out there that think you can’t rock a midi skirt, think again. With the right proportions and a little height thanks to my Swedish Hasbeens, I have conquered this H&M skirt! PJA Indian Summer 3

Such a glorious day to bust out the new shades! Got them second hand from my lovely roommate. She has the best stuff!PJA Indian Summer 4 PJA Indian Summer 5 PJA Indian Summer 6 PJA Indian Summer 8 PJA Indian Summer 9 PJA Indian Summer 10 PJA Indian Summer 11 PJA Indian Summer 12 PJA Indian Summer 13 PJA Indian Summer 15 PJA Indian Summer 16 PJA Indian Summer 17 PJA Indian Summer 18I really lucked out at Crossroads Trading Co. the other day. I found both my skirt and this incredible, embroidered crop top. Doesn’t this scream Indian Summer?

PJA Indian Summer 20A question for my SF followers: what do you do during our crazy hot October? Do you escape or embrace it? Do tell in the comments!

<3, PJA


Sunday Sounds….like Meghan Trainor

Ok, ok, I admit it! This song is stuck in my head and I just can’t get it out! Is that really a bad thing though? With her body loving message and pastel-filled, sugar coated, so sweet you’ll get a cavity video to go with, I’m holding my head high as I tap my feet to this tune this for the next few weeks.


Adorable Image courtesy of Pop Justice.

<3, PJA


She’s Pretty In

In light of Breast Cancer awareness month, today’s WSP is dedicated to all things pink.
She's Pretty In
1. This beautiful over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder will look superb in lingerie drawer. 2. Gotta love rose gold finger tips! 3. You all know how obsessed I am with finding the perfect pink coat. Maybe it’s this one at Anthropologie! 4. And then there’s one of my favorite movies of all time, Pretty in Pink.
Everyone has a cancer story. Let’s end the battle and give every story a happy ending. Shop my pink cart on Mavatar and contribute to the fight against breast cancer.
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<3, PJA